Over the years, I have played on a number of CDs. Most are listed here.


La Cecchina
Francesca Caccini
Song from Il Primo Libro delle Musiche.

Henriette Feith – sopraan
David van Ooijen – theorbo

Also with: Jasper Schweppe – baritone
David Jansen – organ
ISBN 978-90-819403-0-6 (2012)


Liederen van Hooft
Lute songs on poems by P. C. Hooft.

Marcel Beekman – tenor
Karin van der Poel – sopraan
Freek Borstlap – gamba
Geesje Liedmeier – gamba
David van Ooijen – luit

Included in P. C. Hooft De gedichten
Atheneum-Polak & Van Gennep
ISBN 978 90 253 6926 2 (2012)


His Golden Locks …
Lute songs by Dowland, Campion and Morley.

Ludy Vrijdag – tenor
David van Ooijen – lute

AEK 201105 (2011)



A musical journey between Europe and Japan in the 16th and 17th centuries, with songs from the European courts and the Japanese pleasure quarters.

Chiyomi Yamada – soprano
Toyohik Satoh – vihuela, lute
David van Ooijen – theorbo, 19th century guitar

Carpe Diem CD-16283
Nostalgia 1101 (2011)


I wonder as I wander
Sytse Buwalda – 25 jaar live

A.o. Music for a While by Henry Purcell and Caro mio ben by Giuseppe Giardano. Live recordings.

Sytse Buwalda – counter-tenor
David van Ooijen – lute

Buwalda Classics


Seviqc Brežice 2009
CD with live recordings of concerts in the Slovenian Seviqc Brežice festival in 2009

a.o. Pavana Lachrimae by John Dowland
David van Ooijen – lute
Music for a While by Henry Purcell
Sytse Buwalda – counter-tenor
David van Ooijen – lute

Festival Seviqc Brežice SAZAS 111488


Songs of Life and Death
Sytse Buwalda – counter-tenor
Francine van der Heijden – soprano
David van Ooijen – lute
Freek Borstlap – viola da gamba

Songs by a.o. Dowland, Coprario and Purcell.

Buwalda Classics 2008-01 (2008)


Lust in 4 gangen
Sytse Buwalda – counter-tenor

Songs about food and drinks, nine of which accompanied by me on archlute and romantic guitar.

Buwalda Classics 2007-01 (2007)


Un’ altra canzone
Michiel Niessen & David van Ooijen – lutes

Collected music for two lutes by Giovanni Antonio Terzi.

Turtle Records TRSA0028 SACD (2006)

Also available directly from me.


In the footsteps of Herman Hollanders
Brabants Muzyk Collegie

The complete works by Herman Hollanders from his Parnassus eccliasticus (1631) and Jubilus filiorum (1634), 51 motets for one to four voices, accompanied on organ and theorbo.

Etcetera KTC 1292 3CD (2006)
Brabants Muzyk Collegie


Journey to Baroque
Sumi Jo – soprano
Concertgebouw Kamerorkest

I play archlute in Music for a While and Fairest Isle by Henry Purcell.

Warner Music Korea 5101 12039-2 (2006)
Sumi Jo


El Vuelo de Ícaro
Música para el eros barocco
La Grande Chapelle – Àngel Recasens

Five singers and eight instrumentalists in a programme of Spanish baroque music, about Icarus and love. I can be heard on theorbo and baroque guitar.

Lauda Música LAU003 (2005)
La Grande Chapelle


About Love
Sytse Buwalda – counter tenor
David van Ooijen – lute, archlute, theorbo, romantic guitar
Vaughan Schlepp – piano, fortepiano

I accompany Sytse in songs by Purcell, Caccini, Caldara, Giordani, Dowland and some traditionals. I also play a Liebeslied by Mertz on romantic guitar.

Buwalda Classics 2005-01 (2005)


Corelli – Opera Omnia
Musica Amphion – Pieter-Jan Belder

You can hear me play archlute in a number of trio sonatas.

Brilliant Classics 92403 (10 cd box) (2005)


Purcell – Dido and Aeneas
Musica ad Rhenum – Jed Wentz

Two short guitar dances are played by me on baroque guitar.

Brilliant Classics 92464 (2004)


Sacred Arias
Counter tenor Sytse Buwalda, fortepiano player Vaughan Schlepp and me on theorbo, lute and romantic guitar.

I accompany arias by Caccini, Campion, Schubert, Fauré, Franck, Durante and Purcell.

Buwalda Classics BCM 200401 (2004)


Recorders Recorded
Dutch repertoire for recorder played on 18th century recorders from the collection of the Gemeentemuseum The Hague by Saskia Coolen (recorder), Pieter-Jan Belder (harpsichord and recorder) and David van Ooijen (archlute).

Globe GLO 5209 (2004)


Rhetorijckers en Musyckers
– Muziek van de Rederijkers –
Camerata Trajectina with vocal and instrumental music from the time of the Rederijkers.
CD accompanying the book Conformisten en rebellen, Rederijkerscultuur in de Nederlanden (1400-1650) .

Amsterdam University Press ISBN 90 5356 618 X (2003)


Dawn to the West
– Japanese Songs with Guitar –
Soprano Chiyomi Yamada sings traditional and early 20th century Japanese songs, all accompanied by me on an original Panormo guitar from 1829.

Read more on our duet and our CD here.

Nostalgia 0201 (2002)

Available directly from me.


Giovanni Battista Fontana
Twelve sonatas by Giovanni Battista Fontana, played by the Icarus Ensemble: baroque violin, recorder, theorbo/bass lute and harpsichord/organ.

Read the text of the CD booklet on Fontana.

Claves Records CD 50-2203 (2002)


Johannes Passion
Johann Sebastian Bach
Hollands Boys Choir and the Netherlands Bach Collegium conducted by Pieter Jan Leusink.

99739 (2001)


Bach Cantatas
Cantata 198: Lass, Fürstin, lass noch einen Strahl
A cd in the Bach-Edition series by the Hollands Boys Choir and the Netherlands Bach Collegium conducted by Pieter Jan Leusink.

Brilliant Classics CD 96 99373/1 (2000)


Castle Bergh
– CD-Rom art collection I –
A cd-rom with the art collection of Castle Bergh and music by amongst others dopo Emilio: soprano, lutes and viola da gamba.

Musick’s Monument MM6 (1999)


A compilation cd with two aria’s by Händel and Marco da Gagliano performed by Tom Sol and David van Ooijen.

Wolterink Classical Music (1999)


Pièces de viole du troisièsme livre
Music for two viols, cembalo and theorbo/baroque guitar by Marin Marais played by Gail Ann Schroeder, Lynn Tetenbaum, Pieter Dirksen and David van Ooijen.

TMD 89801 (1998)


Brabantse Barokmuziek
Music by Herman Hollanders, Jan Baptist Verrijt, Servaes de Koninck and Benedictus a Sancto Josepho played by baroque orchestra the Brabants Muzyk Collegie, chamber choir het Eindhovens Vocaal Ensemble and vocal soloists.

Contrapunctus Musicus VC 2478 (1998)


Les Perruques d’Amsterdam
Music by Handel, Telemann, Stradella, Torelli played by baroque orchestra Les Perruques d’Amsterdam and vocal and instrumental soloists.

PCD 001 (1998)


The Spirit of Gambo and Friends
– Italian and Spanish music from the 16th and 17th century –
Music by C. Jannequin, V. Ruffo, D. Ortiz, C. de Rore, G. dalla Casa, F. da Milano, R. Rognioni, G. da Palestrina, G. Terzi, G. Frescobaldi, J. Arcadelt and P. Vinci played by The Spirit of Gambo and many friends.

Stockfisch RTD 357.1015.2 (1996)


Presentatie-Weekeinde 1994
A compilation cd with live recordings of the early music ensembles auditioning for the Organisatie Oude Muziek in Utrecht. It features ensemble Giardino playing Hoe is ‘t beloven by C. Huygens.

Vriendenkring Organisatie Oude Muziek VOOM 5594 (1994)


Camera Nova
A specially commisioned composition entitled An elysium on earth for chamber choir, string quartet, harp and archlute by Dutch composer E. de Boer.
Chamber choir Camera Nova and instrumentalists.

Deloitte & Touche
Eurosound ES 47.106 CD (1993)


Ah! I wish I were a little dog!
Love and drinking songs of the Netherlands
Music by Servaas de Koninck played by ensemble dopo Emilio: soprano, tenor, altus, bas, violins, viola da gambo/lyra viol/lyrone, lute, theorbos and baroque guitar.

Emergo Classics EC 3961-2 (1993)


O cierlijcke cieraed
Dutch 17th century music and its French influences.
Music by N. Vallet, J. van Eyck, N. Hotman, P. Guédron and C. Huygens played by ensemble Giardino: soprano, recorder and lute/theorbo/baroque guitar.

Aliud ACD 93BB04 (1993)


La manière magnifique
Music for viols and theorbo by M. A. Charpentier, Saint Colombe, H. Dumont, F. Couperin and L. Couperin played by The Spirit of Gambo.

Jubal CD ZV 92161-2 (1992)


Christopher Simpson
– The Months –
Music for viols, organ and theorbo by The Spirit of Gambo

Jubal LC 5089 (1991)


Rondom Jr. Jacob van Eyck
-the art of diminution in the 17th century-
Music by J. van Eyck, J. Dowland, N. Vallet, A. Piccinnini, G. Caccini and G. Gastoldi, played by ensemble Giardino: soprano, recorder and lute/theorbo.

Sonclair CD JB 109074 (1990)