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I have recorded most of the pieces from 70 Easy to Intermediate Pieces for Renaissance Lute (The Lute Society Music Editions, 2009) and the beginning pieces from Diana Poulton’s A Tutor for the Renaissance Lute. You can find them on my YouTube channel There you’ll also find several videos showing elementary lute technique and excercises.

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On-line lessons

I teach on-line students. See the page.

Sheet Music

– Johann Sebastian Bach – Zweistimmige Inventionen arranged for two Renaissance lutes tuned in g’. Score on two staves with a mixture of treble, tenor and bass clefs. Great reading excercise.

– Eight recercares by Diego Ortiz (ca 1510 – ca 1570) from his Tratado de glossas sobre clasusulas y otros generos de puntos en la musica de violones (Roma, 1553), transposed and intabulated for g’-lute. Treble parts in French tablature for g’-lute, accompaniments in figured bass.

– Chord Chart for Renaissance Lute
Two shapes for all the major and minor chords, assuming a six-course Renaissance lute tuned in g’.

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– 16th century lute music
Explaining something about the lute and the different forms of lute music in the 16th century.

– A Lesson in Polyphony
Taking a two part intabulation by Fuenllana as a lesson in how to play polyphony on a lute.

– Continuo Playing on Baroque Lute
A series of lessons.

A series of lute lessons inspired by the teachings of Zen. In these lessons I try to establish a school of lutedō: the Way of the Lute.
– Zen in the Art of Lute Playing
– Cultivating the Flower. Zeami on lute playing.
– Lute Recipes by Dōgen.
Genjōkōan – Realising Music Through Lute Playing.
– The Sound of Silence – Ma in Music.
– Zen in the Art of Listening
Walking the Music
One moment of MusicThe Kōan of Playing Lute

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photo         by Eva Bravar