On-line Lute Lessons

I also teach on-line through a combination of email, video and Skype (or Zoom, or Facetime).

This is how it works (but feel free to deviate from my scheme and just come for the one-on-one lesson).

You start by sending me an email, describing what you want to learn in that lesson. Preferably with a video showing what you can or no can do. You can use either YouTube or for example WeTransfer or DropBox to send me the video.

In response I will record a video lesson in which I will show you how to tackle your particular problem. The video lesson will accompanied by an email with further explanations. I will send you the video either by WeTranfer or by YouTube.

You can then work on the material I have send you. We will close the lesson with a Skype session to clear up any questions that remainded. This means that the Skype session will be well-prepared on both sides: we both know what we are to work on, so we can save time by getting straight to the point.

The order videos/emails/Skype is not fixed, but this example serves to show the point how video, email and Skype are combined.

Try to plan email, video and Skype session within a reasonably short time to keep focussed on the content of the lesson.

I charge 60 euro for one lesson. You can buy lessons one at a time whenever it suits you, or enter a longer traject by transferring a larger amount. Each lesson consists of 1) at least one video or audio recording of your playing, accompanied by an email with questions and/or requests on what you want to work on in that lesson, 2) at least one video or audio recording with accompanying email from me in answer to your questions and 3) a closing session through Skype to go over the material and work on it together. If both parties are happy to deviate form this schedule by spending more time on Skype, or more time on making video and/or audio recordings, that’s fine.

Frequency: whenever you have worked on something and are ready to show it to me. Keep your hand on your wallet, so don’t come for a full hour lesson every day, but do bear in mind that regular guidance will save you wasted time and effort. You know how easy it is to pick up bad habits, and how difficult it is to get rid of them.

You can contact me when you’re interested.